Why “Shadow and Clay”?

Back in High School I had a fun idea for a few characters, a fantasy universe, a pair of bickering divorcing gods, a creation story and a LOT OF ANGST. I was in my Mercedes Lackey and Margret Weis phase at the time, so ANGST was essential.

Over the years those characters never left me alone, and their stories – good and so totally horrible – continued to grow. So did their world. But the why of everything evaded me. Then one night I woke up from a dream that tied in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave; where the Gods dancing in the heavens cast their shadows on the earthen world, and where everything – every insect, plant, rock, and yes, every person – has the expectation of immortality. The creatures of Clay are as close to the Gods as the imperfections of their “vessels” will allow.

That, and the ideas that surround that kernel, are what breathed life into my characters, my stories, and gave all the *bleep* I put them through a purpose.

Within the next year, I will be bringing readers the first in this series, “A Gift of Flame”, and I hope I can draw other into the world of my dreams as well. Heeheeeheee…..

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