The blurb:

In the world of best-selling authors, Aiden Ruskin is at the top for the fifth year in a row. He has everything he wanted from life – a nice house, an insanely expensive sports car, world-wide recognition and legions of adoring fans. The only thing he lacks is a life, but that’s the price he’s accepted – until now.

Starring down the gauntlet of the sixth book in a series he never wanted to write, Aiden is tempted to give it all up and walk away. Better yet, run. But the voices just won’t let him. And the more people ask where the ideas come from, the more Aiden has to face that they might not be coming from within him. Then comes the worst day of his life – the day the voices stop – and Aiden has to figure out who he is without them. And what he’ll sacrifice this time to make them come back…

The Main Characters:

Aiden Ruskin (MMC): A past athlete and current desk-jockey, he had a face that had been unmemorable in the gauntness of youth and now was being pushed into complete anonymity by budding fleshiness. His glasses were what that drew the eye – thick black frames supported by a thin nose, under weathered cedar hair. Without them he passed without notice; with them the eye was at least drawn to parse the features behind them. Usually the observer was disappointed to not find an adult Harry Potter, but at least an attempt at identification had been made.

Holmes (MC-cat): At first you think it’s a battered Tijuana souvenir, or one of those tacky yet surprisingly lifelike Sandicast statues from the 90’s. There is a flat, dead quality to the striped orange pelt, irregular gaps and tufts of white scattered among the ginger helping the overall impression of battered clay. And yet the jut of bones that distort the fur and the unmistakable smell of halitosis and poor digestion makes you turn to the man behind the desk and ask “Is your cat OK?”

Bet Lindberg (FMC-fictional character):  Her makeup was applied like war-paint – not thickly but with precision and purpose. Mascara and black eye-shadow circled sapphire eyes. Black lipstick hid the natural color of her lips, but not their fullness. The rest of her features were naked, but cosmetics were not needed to accentuate the narrow nose and delicate chin. But the impression that she could have been a beauty-queen like her mother ended at her hairline, where a mess of scars and indentations were fully exposed by a carefully shaved scalp. Her black-rooted pink-tipped mohawk arched deliberately away from the old wound – a hairstyle her therapist had definite opinions about.


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