Things I did this week instead of write my book:

Played on Facebook

Did Crisis Management on Facebook

Played on Facebook some more when crisis was over

Parented a three-year old who is being “challenging” (i.e. being three and a half)

Wrote letters to Santa

Went Christmas shopping

Wrapped Christmas presents

Took two ferry rides

Drove about 100 miles while singing “BINGO was his Name-o” with my son

Cut down a Christmas tree

Decorated the tree

Attended a birthday party (my Dad’s and mine 🙂 )

Had an early Christmas for my son

Tried a bunch of things to get my cat to stop finding new, exciting places to poop and pee

Failed at finding a solution to the cat’s adventures in pooping

Read two books

Bought about 60 more to read

Watched “How To Train Your Dragon 2” twice

Watched “Guardians of the Galaxy” three *looks up* four times

Migrated my website from WordPress to hosted by GoDaddy

Did a LOT of learning about what exactly that means and what it takes to do that…

Rewrote my “About” and added a few new permanent pages to Shadow And Clay

Wrote a blog post

Wrote a blurb for the other novel that is trying to lure me away from Muses

Took a lot of photos

Thought about writing the final blog post in the “Covers from a Newb Perspective” series. Oops…

Nagged other writers about writing

Bought little “How To Train Your Dragon” figurines to reward myself for sticking to my exercise program

Didn’t exercise

Sewed a table cloth

Outlined all the chapters that still have to be written or revised for Muses

Wrote another blog post


… and eventually actually wrote in Muses. I’ve finished the third draft of Act I. Anyone interested in being a beta?


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