A Failure to Multi-task

OK… apparently I can only do one thing at a time. Or rather, I can do about a dozen things at a time, but writing my book, reading other books, keeping up on social media, and blogging about all my adventures there… well, that’s just not all going to happen at once. I chose to put the priority on finishing-finishing the second draft of the first act of my book “A Gift of Flame” (now posted on Wattpad) so that I can move forward with re-writing the first draft of the rest of it. So that is where most of my energy has been pointed, with taking notes in the Universe wiki  and trying to get my entire brain back there as well.

That means that reading other people’s books isn’t always… helpful. Especially indie books. Now, believe me, I have read some INCREDIBLE books in the past few months. I have started on the first chapters of even more during my “First Impressions” experiment. But what I need to do when I read/listen to books right now is to be a lot more focused than usual – I need to read people who I know are going to get my brain spinning and be inspirational. I need to read books that are about the world I am trying to make so that I can get that much better at knowing it myself. And I need to read books that have professional reviews from people who actually know what they’re talking about, so I can watch these incredible books be dissected and really learn what makes their heart beat, and what makes the reader’s heart race in time with it.

And about the social media… in the past few weeks I’ve been trying to navigate a bewildering variety of social media forums, from Twitter and Google+, to Tumber, Reddit and Tsu. Oh yah, and Hang w/.  And then I’ve been learning Hootsuite to try to get a handle on all of them. Some are more intuitive than others, but all have been sucking at my time. So I’m going to be checking into those a lot less frequently as well, as I really push to get the next few chapters done.

I got some great feedback about what I’ve already done… I think I’m going to let that simmer and await the next draft, while keeping it in mind while I re-write the rest. I would adore anyone forever who is willing to send me more. My e-mail is laceydsutton@shadowandclay.com. PLEASE let me know any thoughts – big or small, the more critical the better.

And as for writing blog posts… I’m going to try to make that a priority again as well. I have a few books from people I know that I want to finish and write reviews for. I have a few books that I’ve already finished that I NEED to complete the reviews for. And then I want to switch to talking mostly about what I’m elbows deep in now – the entrails of my own novel. Worldbuilding. Alternate Earths. Timelines and what-ifs. When to be afraid that your book is just like everyone else’s, and how to let that go. Writing characters who have disabilities, and making them approachable to your audience. Strong women and “Mary Sues”.

I’m not an expert on any of that, but I will be thrilled to share what I learn about all of those with you (if only to have a convenient repository of links <3)

OK, so to recap… reviews are going away after a while, for a while. They WILL be back, and may continue sporadically in the interregnum as indy books I HAVE to read come out. I will also be doing a “Recommended” review for books that are traditionally published and too awesome to not give a shout-out to. Most of these will probably be old and already known to other people and I’m just behind the curve on. Because that happens to me. A lot.

I will be doing my darndest to write blog updates on all the other things I’m involved in. And I WILL be finishing a complete draft of “A Gift of Flame”, and posting it on Wattpad for people to slam…

Until then!

/… Over 700 words on a post about why I am too busy to write lately. Ha, I crack myself up…/


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