Last time I asked the vital question – with Microsoft Office Word, “Are you using Styles?” And the answer is probably, “What???”

I took a lot of classes in high school and college on using Microsoft products. NOT ONE mentioned Styles. Now that might just be because I’m ancient, or it might be because my teachers were. But anyone who uses Word sees that nice box up top to choose the text you want to use, the size you want it to be, and thinks that’s enough. When you start typing in a new doc, there it defaults to something, and you might bitch about Word and how you need to “fix” it every time before you start to work. Then you transfer it to a new file, or publish it as an eBook or import it as your paper book and everything is ALL SCREWED UP.

Well, I’m going to show you how to not only fix that before you even get started, but how to make writing a doc the first time MUCH easier to convert to eBooks and paper books later on.

We’re going to create a fiction novel template.

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Book Formatting + Problem Shooting = Fun!

Yesterday, a friend who had already self-published a book in print got a comment back from a reader that some of the bottom margins of his book were a little… off. Here is one of the more extreme examples:

Bottom Margin

I volunteered to help, thinking it had to do with his edition of Word (2000). It didn’t autofix itself in 2010. Of course not. *sighs*

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