Book Formatting: Setting Print Size

Last time we set up the text of the book exactly how we wanted it. The last step of formatting for print books is to set the size you want it.

Createspace offers templates for creating certain size books. These templates are more trouble than they’re worth, making you start again from scratch. If you’ve followed my tutorial, you should already have the book basically looking the way you want it. OR you’re frustrated to the point where you’re willing to just throw money at it. I’m on Paypal. Just saying.

I’m REALLY hoping it’s the former, though.

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Book Formatting: Inserting Pictures

Oooh, this is a record! Another reader request! (Actually, I don’t know if she’s a reader, or just someone who saw me blabbing on Facebook. But I’m still going to pretend I have more than one reader. LOVE YOU, ERIN!!)

Question (a little edited, cuz spoilers): “Hi Lacey. I want to but a page in the back (e-book, Amazon exclusive for now) that says: If you liked Dream Stalker, the author recommends [Pic of other book], [blurb]. Get it now on Amazon [link]. I’ve never formatted images or centered text like that though. Is it hard, or something you could make for me?”

Answer: It IS something I could make for you, and maybe possibly pretend I actually have a business… you know, as a Publisher. But since it’s NOT hard, I’m just going to show you 🙂

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