A Brief Rant on Economics

OK – I am far from an expert in all things money. I seem to be especially bad at making it from my books. But I can have opinions as a consumer of books, dang it!

This isn’t an effort to educate indies, most of whom seem to be doing things more or less correctly, even if they undervalue their books. This is going to be a disbelieving rant, aimed at a specific title and a specific “Big 5” publishing house that I can’t believe *bleep*ed up this badly.

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Book Formatting: Setting Print Size

Last time we set up the text of the book exactly how we wanted it. The last step of formatting for print books is to set the size you want it.

Createspace offers templates for creating certain size books. These templates are more trouble than they’re worth, making you start again from scratch. If you’ve followed my tutorial, you should already have the book basically looking the way you want it. OR you’re frustrated to the point where you’re willing to just throw money at it. I’m on Paypal. Just saying.

I’m REALLY hoping it’s the former, though.

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Book Formatting: Inserting Pictures

Oooh, this is a record! Another reader request! (Actually, I don’t know if she’s a reader, or just someone who saw me blabbing on Facebook. But I’m still going to pretend I have more than one reader. LOVE YOU, ERIN!!)

Question (a little edited, cuz spoilers): “Hi Lacey. I want to but a page in the back (e-book, Amazon exclusive for now) that says: If you liked Dream Stalker, the author recommends [Pic of other book], [blurb]. Get it now on Amazon [link]. I’ve never formatted images or centered text like that though. Is it hard, or something you could make for me?”

Answer: It IS something I could make for you, and maybe possibly pretend I actually have a business… you know, as a Publisher. But since it’s NOT hard, I’m just going to show you 🙂

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When Free isn’t

I have long been against free eBooks. My knee-jerk reaction was that you don’t go into a brick-and-mortar bookstore expecting to walk out with a free book, so why should you shirk at paying just $0.99 for a decent eBook on Amazon? Or even an indecent one. Or even an outright awful one – even though I have never done it, that’s what refunds are for. I know it’s supposed to work, but… seriously? Continue reading “When Free isn’t”

Things I did this week instead of write my book:

Played on Facebook

Did Crisis Management on Facebook

Played on Facebook some more when crisis was over

Parented a three-year old who is being “challenging” (i.e. being three and a half)

Wrote letters to Santa

Went Christmas shopping

Wrapped Christmas presents

Took two ferry rides

Drove about 100 miles while singing “BINGO was his Name-o” with my son

Cut down a Christmas tree

Decorated the tree

Attended a birthday party (my Dad’s and mine 🙂 )

Had an early Christmas for my son

Tried a bunch of things to get my cat to stop finding new, exciting places to poop and pee

Failed at finding a solution to the cat’s adventures in pooping

Read two books

Bought about 60 more to read

Watched “How To Train Your Dragon 2” twice

Watched “Guardians of the Galaxy” three *looks up* four times

Migrated my website from WordPress to WordPress.org hosted by GoDaddy

Did a LOT of learning about what exactly that means and what it takes to do that…

Rewrote my “About” and added a few new permanent pages to Shadow And Clay

Wrote a blog post

Wrote a blurb for the other novel that is trying to lure me away from Muses

Took a lot of photos

Thought about writing the final blog post in the “Covers from a Newb Perspective” series. Oops…

Nagged other writers about writing

Bought little “How To Train Your Dragon” figurines to reward myself for sticking to my exercise program

Didn’t exercise

Sewed a table cloth

Outlined all the chapters that still have to be written or revised for Muses

Wrote another blog post


… and eventually actually wrote in Muses. I’ve finished the third draft of Act I. Anyone interested in being a beta?

Covers from a newb perspective – Part 3

Sorry this is late! I’d blame NaNoWriMo, but really it was trying to do a much larger, more complicated post than I should have. So I’m breaking this into two parts – the resources and ideas for covers (Part 3), and an example of how I do it (Part 4). Part 1 of course dealt lightly with trends in the cover art world, and Part 2 was taking a specific title – Ben Aaronovitch’s “Midnight Riot” (“Rivers of London” in the UK) – and looking at three different covers and discussing what worked and what didn’t.

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The blurb:

In the world of best-selling authors, Aiden Ruskin is at the top for the fifth year in a row. He has everything he wanted from life – a nice house, an insanely expensive sports car, world-wide recognition and legions of adoring fans. The only thing he lacks is a life, but that’s the price he’s accepted – until now.

Starring down the gauntlet of the sixth book in a series he never wanted to write, Aiden is tempted to give it all up and walk away. Better yet, run. But the voices just won’t let him. And the more people ask where the ideas come from, the more Aiden has to face that they might not be coming from within him. Then comes the worst day of his life – the day the voices stop – and Aiden has to figure out who he is without them. And what he’ll sacrifice this time to make them come back…

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