Finished Works

“Oubliette” — A short story about a woman dealing feelings of betrayal following the death of her sister. Features in the charity anthology “Stardust, Always”, a collection of stories and poems in honor of David Bowie and Alan Rickman, and other victims of cancer.

Currently available as a pre-order through Amazon Kindle, to be released on June 5th.
After that it will be available in eBook and paperback through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other major retailers.

“Bedtime Stories” — A short story about the tales we tell children to keep them in bed. Featured in the charity anthology “The Longest Night Watch”, a collection of stories in honor of Sir Terry Pratchett and all those who suffer from Alzheimer Disease.

Amazon KindleAmazon PaperbackCreatespaceSmashwordsBarnes and Noble and others

Also available through Amazon UK and other Amazon sites internationally.

“The Nothing Man” — A short story posted to Wattpad. I wrote this as if Aiden Ruskin, main character of my novel “Muses”, was writing it for as part of a psychology class. A little horror story about the perils of ignoring people.



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