Muses” (which funnily enough is NOT in the Shadow and Clay universe… haahaahahaa).

This one is on perma-hiatus because it was going in directions I didn’t really want to follow – turning from a mystery/thriller into a full-blown horror novel. It also had a few elements that just didn’t seem to be gelling like I wanted them to. If I finish my main series, get some inspiration, or get begged a LOT, I might try getting back to this one.

For now you can read the first Act on Wattpad


A Gift of Flame” – which IS in the Shadow and Clay universe! Whooo! Go me!

Concept art of the MC, Nzasha, from the third book. So basically Ignore this for the first book, where he is MUCH younger looking 😛


In an Empire where worth is judged on strength, crippled and homeless Coward risks a beating every time he leaves his hiding place. He is an embarrassment to the Naghlas, and others of his kind will remind him of his worthlessness every chance they get – even if that admonishment borders being lethal.

Then Coward is caught stealing food and prepares for death… until the Sazi of Zhinda – a legend among his own people – steps forward and saves him. Now Coward finds himself bound to serve the Sazi, and is brought unprepared into high-stakes Palace life. But Empire politics shares more with street-survival than he could have imagined. Can Coward use his survivor’s instincts to brave a cross-continent diplomatic journey, or will his innate cowardice overcome him and doom the expedition, the Empire… and worst of all, his savior?

One sentence Blurb:
The Empress ran out of chocolate, and the MC and his boss have to go negotiate for more.

The first act has been posted on Wattpad.


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